Pupils’ parents’ associations launch protests due to the suspension of classes due to the statute controversy – Al-Youm 24

The offices of associations of mothers, fathers, and guardians of students in educational institutions in the Midelt region announced, today, Tuesday, the organization of protests in front of educational institutions, in protest against the continued congestion that the public school has experienced for more than six weeks, and the wastage of school time for learners, in addition to the absence of solutions that would solve this problem. Congestion.

Associations of mothers, fathers and guardians of students in educational institutions in Midelt are preparing to organize protest marches next Thursday, starting in front of the educational institutions in the direction of the Education Directorate.

The National Coordination of the Education Sector in Morocco continues to go on a national strike for three more consecutive days this week, starting today, Tuesday, until Thursday.

In parallel with this strike, protesters are organizing vigils and protest marches in front of the regional directorates of the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, on Wednesday, in addition to stopping work for an hour during break times next Monday and Friday.

The coordination, which includes 33 coordination committees, explained that “the government and the ministry, in light of the congestion experienced by the education sector in Morocco, deal with the logic of indifference to the educational demands of working people of all categories.”

On the other hand, educational unions boycotted the meeting called by the Minister of Education, which was supposed to be organized on Monday. To discuss the demands raised by men and women of education regarding the new basic system in preparation for the meeting that will bring them together with the committee whose formation was announced by the Prime Minister.

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