Putin called ensuring a decent standard of living for families a priority of the state | November 21, 2023

“I would like to emphasize that issues of supporting motherhood and childhood, improving the demographic situation, and ensuring a decent standard of living and quality of life for Russian families are among the key strategic priorities. After all, family is the foundation,” says the president’s telegram to the participants of the gala concert dedicated to Mother’s Day.

According to Putin, a person’s personality and worldview, his spiritual, moral, patriotic ideals and values ​​are formed “at home, in a family atmosphere.” “And therefore it is gratifying that the strengthening of partnership and cooperation between the state and society in such significant areas is facilitated by such large-scale, popular events as the current concert,” the head of state noted.

He named representatives of large families from Russian regions as the main participants in the celebration held in the Kremlin Palace. “With their ascetic work, responsible attitude to raising children, and tireless concern for their future, they set a wonderful example for our youth, continuing the age-old traditions of parental service for which Russia has always, from time immemorial, been famous,” he emphasized. The head of state expressed hope that the concert will be held in a festive atmosphere and will leave an unforgettable impression on the audience.

As the press service of the regional public organization “Association of Large Families of the City of Moscow” told TASS, on November 21, at the State Kremlin Palace, 5.7 thousand outstanding mothers gathered at the “Mother – Heroine” holiday and lit more than 30 thousand lights, according to the number of their children. “All guests of the holiday received lanterns at the entrance according to the number of children they raised and, at the command of the host, they lit a sea of ​​lights as a sign of boundless and undying maternal love,” the press service said.

The holiday traditionally takes place before Mother’s Day, which this year will be celebrated in Russia on November 26.

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