Putin: production of armored vehicles doubled over the year

At the very beginning, the President reminded where gunsmiths’ products now go first.

At the very beginning, the President reminded where gunsmiths’ products now go first.


Vladimir Putin visited the homeland of Mikhail Kalashnikov – the city of Izhevsk. He met with gunsmiths there – September 19 is their professional holiday – and held a meeting on the development of the defense industry in the future.

The visit to the city of gunsmiths began with a visit to the Aeroscan enterprise. The head of state inspected the production lines for components and airframe assembly, the latest models of special equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as the plant’s training center. Aeroscan, in particular, produces Lancet loitering ammunition and reconnaissance drones.

At the very beginning of the meeting, the President reminded where defense products now go first.

“Today, the domestic defense industry is creating modern and in many ways unique weapons and equipment, actively increasing production volumes in order to provide the best possible support for units and formations participating in a special military operation,” said the head of the country.

He clarified that the conversion – that is, the production of goods for civilians – is also continuing. Moreover, the goods are in demand not only within the country, but also abroad.

The Russian leader in Izhevsk discussed three important issues. First: fulfillment of state defense orders.

“Based on the results of eight months of this year, defense industry organizations managed to maintain a stable pace of work and not only fulfill the delivery schedule in general, but also increase the output of military products in certain areas,” Putin said.

This, by the way, affected economic growth in general. In our industry, manufacturing is growing most noticeably – and the defense industry is one of them.

Vladimir Vladimirovich also revealed the specific rates of arms growth:

“The production volume of the main types of armored vehicles has more than doubled compared to last year, and the production of especially popular weapons has tripled,” Putin said.

Next year, it has been ordered to increase the production of air defense systems and for counter-battery warfare.

And in 2025, a new state weapons program begins. It will be calculated until 2034.

– We must look forward, look “beyond the horizon.” Systematic, consistent implementation of the state program makes it possible to improve the technical and combat potential of all law enforcement agencies, to develop and launch into mass production promising models of weapons and equipment, Putin emphasized.

The Russian leader immediately mentioned “unresolved financial issues.” The state program will be discussed taking into account the real possibilities of the economy.

At the end of the open part, Vladimir Vladimirovich said that general designers for the creation of military equipment will again appear in Russia.

“I hope that the general designers and heads of priority technological areas approved today will certainly prove themselves and confirm their high status with new results and help more effectively promote the most important projects in the field of national defense and security,” the president emphasized.

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