Rating of compact cars popular with girls: From Toyota to Hyundai

There is a common perception in society that women prefer small vehicles due to their ease of parking. The popularity rating included such famous foreign cars as Toyota Yaris IV, Nissan Note III, Audi A3. These cars attract attention not only with their compact size, but also with excellent handling and modern design. Transmission options include manual, CVT or robot.

The prices for these cars are also different. For example, the budget model Toyota Yaris is available for 810 thousand rubles. Such cars are now rare on the new market, but a suitable option can be found on the secondary market. Mini Cabrio with a price ranging from 6.29 to 6.95 million rubles, it is the most expensive car in the ranking. Changan Benben E-Star is a pure electric car, and its top modification costs 2.5 million rubles.

Chevrolet Spark III And Renault ZOE with prices of 1.15 and 1.9 million rubles, respectively, are also included in this rating. Complete the list Ora Good Cat, Kia Picanto III And Hyundai i20 IIIcosting 1.9, 1.2 and 1.8 million rubles, respectively.

Previously reportedthat the traffic police will hold a rave among taxi and car sharing drivers from November 22.

Cheap and reliable cars for girls

Author Daniil Polonikov

Daniil Sergeevich Polonikov (December 19, 2003, Ivanovo) – student at the Higher School of Economics, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru.

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