Róbert Alföldi was attacked by his co-star after his Nazi statement

Actor Zsolt Bognár wrote an open letter to Róbert Alföldi.

Photo: MTI/Zoltán Balogh

Róbert Alföldi recently spoke in an interview about the current situation in the country, in which, according to him, “gays are framed and banned, Nazis are not.”

The actor was referring to the incident that happened a few weeks ago at the National Museum, in which L. Simon László was fired after he admitted minors to an exhibition that featured a picture of a gay couple.

Actor Zsolt Bognár was also totally upset that Alföldi identified the right wing with the Nazis, so he shared his thoughts in an open letter.

“I consider it extremely tasteless that the former director of the National Theater in his statement to RTL – what he wouldn’t give to have this word “former” missing from my opening sentence – conflates a regrettable and unacceptable historical disgrace with the fear of the possible return of the government and the millions behind it, including me personally.

Alföldi says:

“This is a country where gays are covered up and banned, but Nazis are not.”

Zsolt Bognár continued his letter as follows:

“Now listen to me, colleague!

On the stage of public life, the majority of those who profess their difference voluntarily reveal themselves to the world. As far as I know, we conservatives, including myself, have not come out in public in such a way that we would be Nazis. That is why, if I may ask you, don’t even subtly dress us in spiritual uniforms that we would never wear. In the event of the revival of the period of emergency you have suggested, I would be one of the first to come to your defense and I would not be alone, believe me. So be careful with your generalizations.

You can try to project the horrors that cannot be erased from the memory of humanity onto our present, but before I open another paragraph about the unjustified, self-pitying and provocative primitiveness that you use, content yourself with saying that the last stanza of Sándor Petőfi’s The Actor’s Song, understood exclusively in the singular, is fully valid in your context, special emphasis given to the last line of the poem.”

The whole letter you can read it here!

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