Russian paratroopers destroyed Ukrainian Armed Forces infantrymen near Artemovsk | November 20, 2023

“During the aerial reconnaissance, objective control means identified areas of terrain with large concentrations of Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel. This information was transmitted to the command post of the Guards Kostroma Artillery Regiment of the Ivanovo Airborne Forces,” the defense department said.

On November 18, the crew of the Grad MLRS received the task of destroying the enemy. “Crews of the Grad MLRS deliver crushing blows to enemy personnel with high-explosive fragmentation unguided rockets, the shock wave and fragments from which scatter hundreds of meters and destroy a concentration of enemy infantry,” the Ministry of Defense explained.

The department also reported that the fighters of this crew were awarded for their successes in the summer. “The commander of the battery, Hero of Russia, with the call sign “Tourist,” presented the heroic crew of jet paratroopers with combat awards: medals “For Courage” and “Suvorov,” the statement added. Ministry of Defense.

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