Russian soldiers repelled an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Priyutnoye

The Russian military managed to disrupt attempted counterattack The Armed Forces of Ukraine near the settlement of Priyutnoye (Yuzhnodonetsk direction).

According to the head of the press center of the Vostok group Oleg Chekhovartillerymen provided support to Russian soldiers in repelling the Ukrainian attack.

He emphasized in a conversation with RIA Novosti that the effective actions of the Russian army led to the destruction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces infantry.

As Chekhov explained, the Russian Armed Forces also stopped the rotation of Ukrainian soldiers near the village of Urozhainoye. Kyiv faced losses in manpower and military equipment, a representative of the Ministry of Defense clarified.

Formerly the head of the movement “We are together with Russia” Vladimir Rogov announced the advance of Russian units near Priyutnoye by 500 meters.

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