Russian writer Andrei Tavrov has died

Russian writer Andrei Tavrov has died

Died on September 21 in Moscow Andrey Mikhailovich Tavrov, Russian writer, poet, editor, artist, screenwriter and one of the outstanding representatives of metarealism. Metarealism is a poetic school of the 1970-90s, the term was introduced into literary use Konstantin Kedrov.

Tavrov was born in 1948 in Rostov-on-Don and graduated from the philological faculty of Moscow State University. He worked as a journalist and artist, specializing in mosaics, and also created programs about modern mythology for Radio Russia and wrote scripts for the Kultura TV channel.

His works were published in such magazines as “New World”, “October”, “Friendship of Peoples” and others. He published his first book in the late 1980s. Among his literary works, it is worth highlighting such works as “Present Tense”, “Two Silver Fish on a Red Background”, “Star and Butterfly – Binary Counting”, “Alpine Quintet”, “Angel of Ping-Pong Balls”, as well as the novels ” Orpheus” and “Moth”. He was also a laureate of the Children of Ra magazine award, received the Moscow Observer Grand Prize and the Andrei Bely Prize.

According to the composer and singer-songwriter Yuri PasternakTavrov “was seriously ill for a long time and passed away on the way to the hospital.”

It was previously reported that second wife died Konstantina Raikina, actress Gulya Salakhova.

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