Russians rushed to magicians for love spells, help from the SVO and “curse the crests”


20.11.2023 09:31

According to an analysis of the most popular “magical” communities and stories from “magicians,” Russians now most often make requests for a love spell, relief from poverty, or a curse on someone.

According to analysts, they carried out:

  1. Analysis of the most popular “magical” communities on the social network VKontakte,
  2. Anonymous surveys and interviews with representatives of the “sphere of esoteric services.”

Also, a study of the TimesRu Telegram channel showed that in a “magical” way, our fellow citizens are asking:

  • Protect the soldier in the air defense from injury or death,
  • Treat yourself or a loved one,
  • Whisper your lover or rival, get your husband/boyfriend back,
  • “Conspiracy” a person from drunkenness or adultery,
  • Help you pass a test at a university, college or technical school,
  • Curse someone in particular or even an entire nation.

In first place according to all indicators was the search for or purchase of a “love spell” ritual (a magical action that supposedly makes a person love and desire the one who has bewitched).

The “magicians” interviewed reported that Russians, mostly young residents of the regions, demand “the most powerful, terrible, albeit “black” rituals,” without thinking about the consequences and side effects.

Second place was taken by requests to “drive out poverty” – and most often, residents of our country are looking for or asking for a ritual of transferring poverty “to coins or paper money.”

They then throw such money into public places with the expectation that passers-by will “find” them, pick them up and take away their financial failures and hopeless poverty.

Surprisingly, the main reason for the poverty that those who apply want to “throw on to someone else” is… loans taken by a person of sound mind, for which there is not enough money to repay.

A little less often, people who apply through banknotes or coins want to “pass off” their serious illness on another person – every 15th client comes with this.

According to the study, Russians have become angrier due to financial and geopolitical turbulence, fighting and stress. This is exactly how the authors of the study interpret the search and requests to point at enemies, rivals, etc. the most “fierce, black, cruel” damage.

It is especially noteworthy that every 20th appeal is associated with the desire to “curse (Ukrainians) and bring damage to Ukraine or its leaders.” Most likely, this is due to the desire to “deal with them quickly” and return to their usual peaceful life.

According to preliminary online sales results, demand for tarot cards has increased tenfold in 2023.

The number of online and offline requests for “Tarot readings” has increased 19 times. For example, for one online Tarot spread in a messenger or social network, Russians are willing to pay from 500 rubles (in the provinces) to 1,500 rubles (in capitals and cities with a population of over a million).

National opinion polls have shown that a third of Russians rely on horoscopes or advice from a numerologist when making important financial or personal decisions. Also, 25% of Russians believe in the existence of soothsayers, sorcerers and the possibility of causing damage.

The use of esotericism services in Russia has increased significantly, and Russians have become 74% more likely to be interested in online Tarot predictions, astrology and numerology, MK previously reported.

Pravda.Ru also told – in 2023 our fellow citizens spent billions (!!!) rubles to learn how to read the Tarot, practice numerology, and count horoscopes.

It is important to note that in 2015 the proportion of superstitious people was twice as high, while in the late 80s and early 90s it was 60-70% of the population.

Then the Soviet (and post-Soviet) people rushed to the previously banned “magicians”, “sorcerers”, “psychics”, “fortune tellers and soothsayers” – more precisely, those who pretended to be them.

“People rushed from psychics with Juna to Kashpirovsky, Chumak, from the sorcerer Kulebyakin and sects to the “black magician Longo,” the authors remind.

Experts attribute this to the intensification of chaotic processes that are not controlled by either the authorities or ordinary people. They note that people began to try to influence their destiny using mystical and occult methods – because they see that their lives depend on random factors.

Author Alexander Storm

Alexander Storm – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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