Russians were explained how to properly dispose of expired medications | November 21, 2023

“So far there are few such places in our country where you can take drugs for disposal. Basically, such points are opened in small numbers in large cities. It is clear that not everyone has the time or desire to go somewhere special to deliver expired medications. Most people simply throw them away with household waste. This method can be used, but not with all medications and only under certain conditions,” he explained.

Before getting rid of the expired medicine, the expert recommended reading the instructions. If the document states that the drug is dispersible, then you can safely send it down the drain, since these drugs easily dissolve in water. In other cases, in ordinary life, another household method is applicable.

“To dispose of an insoluble drug, follow a few simple steps first. Remove the tablets from the blisters, place them in an opaque bag, resealable container or jar and add something inedible to it. Coffee grounds, old tea leaves, and some used hygiene products will do. Stir and make the container with the contents difficult to open. Then throw it all away with your household waste. Such precautions are necessary to ensure that no living organism becomes interested in recycled drugs,” the expert emphasized.

“Do not stock up on them for future use, otherwise you will most likely have to throw away unused drugs due to their expiration date. Check your first aid kit regularly so that you don’t accidentally buy the drug you already have or its equivalent. Take medications as prescribed by your doctor and do not self-medicate. If you follow these recommendations, you will not accumulate drugs and will not need to think about how to dispose of them once again,” he concluded.

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