Russians were given advice on how to escape from Europe by car while keeping their belongings


09/17/2023 01:17

Experts from the Free Press gave advice on how Russians can escape from Europe by car without having their belongings confiscated due to sanctions. They suggest that Russians faced with the prospect of their vehicles being expropriated in Europe should consider searching exit through Scandinaviaalthough they warn that even this option may soon be closed.

The European Commission has presented a new interpretation of the sanctions legislation against Russia, according to which entry into the EU countries in passenger cars registered in Russia is considered. Such an interpretation could lead to the confiscation at the border of not only cars, but also other goods, including smartphones and even personal care products such as shampoo.

Germany was the first country to confirm that it plans to confiscate any sanctioned goods, no exceptions. This includes property owned by Russians on the sanctions list.

According to the Free Press, European bureaucrats expressed dissatisfaction with their own actions, and representatives of the European Commission issued an apology. They claim that The directive on “infringement of the rights of Russians” is advisory in natureand each EU country has the right to determine the extent of its application, paying particular attention primarily to cars.

For those seeking to “escape Europe’s Sherwood Forest with minimal loss,” the Free Press recommends returning via relatively unaffected countries of Scandinaviawho have not yet fully complied with sanctions. The proposed route is to take a ferry across the Baltic Sea and enter Russia via Norway and Finland, although they acknowledge that the situation could change at any time.

Finland has already announced its intention to confiscate cars with Russian registration, but this measure will not come into force for six months. On the other hand, Italy said it would not confiscate items from Russian tourists, offering Russians a potential way to keep their property, such as cars, passing through Italy and continuing to countries such as Türkiye or Egypt.

EU ban on entry of cars registered in Russia. Situation at the border

Author Angelina Efremova

Angelina Efremova – freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru, student at Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov

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