scientists announced the irreversibility of the process


21.11.2023 00:19

Over the next decade, the rate of melting of the huge glaciers of Antarctica will increase significantly, leading to their transformation into water and a rise in the level of the World Ocean by 5 meters.

This global cataclysm is becoming inevitable, and it does not depend on whether humanity can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stop global warming within the 1.5 degrees established by the Paris Agreement compared to the pre-industrial period, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

Scientists believe that the fight against climate change should have started several decades ago in order to preserve the Antarctic ice cap, but currently control over the process has already been lost.

This conclusion was made by British researchers developing various climate scenarios. The forecast causes serious concern, although, of course, there will be opponents presenting their arguments. However, almost everyone agrees that warming is happening much faster than scientists recently thought. Today it is urgent to prepare for this and adjust adaptation plans.

According to many climatologists, if the glaciers completely disappear, the level of the World Ocean will rise by 7 meters, which is more than if the glaciers of Antarctica melt. This could lead to the most apocalyptic scenarios, which are being actively discussed on social networks today.

Earlier scientists statedthat the Earth’s Southern Hemisphere will dry out much faster.

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