Scientists dispel the myth that feminists hate men | November 21, 2023

There is a stereotype in the world that feminists not only fight for women’s rights, but also hate men. How transmits The Daily Mail, a new study of ten thousand female participants, found that this is not the case.

Participants from nine countries included both feminists and non-feminists. Volunteers were asked how they relate to men, how much they trust them, and how often they experience positive and negative emotions towards members of the opposite sex. It turned out that all respondents had the same attitude towards them.

It is true that feminists saw men as a threat, since many women live in fear of male aggression. This is balanced by feminists’ struggle for equal rights due to the similarities they see between men and women. Because of this, they may experience warm feelings towards the opposite sex.

It was the stereotype of man-hating feminists that kept women from joining the rights group and also encouraged men to oppose the movement. “Feminists may dislike the patriarchy’s mistreatment of women without disliking men,” the study authors explained.

Earlier, in 2019, Internet users called the most ridiculous and offensive stereotypes about men.

Anna Morozova

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