Scientists have created a microgel that can replace human saliva | November 21, 2023

Scientists from the University of Leeds have created a microgel whose properties are comparable to natural saliva: it moisturizes the oral cavity and acts as a lubricant when chewing food. About it writes Daily Mail.

Under a microscope, the molecules of the substance appear as a latticework or sponge that attaches to the surface of the mouth. The microgel is surrounded by a polysaccharide-based hydrogel capable of retaining water. Both components of the saliva substitute will keep your mouth feeling moist longer.

The microgel comes in two forms: milk protein based and a vegan version using potato protein. The substances used in the production of saliva substitute, that is, milk and vegetable proteins and carbohydrates, are non-toxic to humans and non-caloric.

The authors of the development intend to introduce microgel into food products to improve the quality of life of people experiencing debilitating dry mouth.

Previously, Russian scientists created artificial cornea.

Anna Morozova

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