Scientists have learned how unplanned fatherhood affects men | September 27, 2023

According to experts, 48% of parents in the world face an unplanned pregnancy. As a result, 61% of women undergo an abortion, in 8-15% of cases a miscarriage occurs, and only every fourth child in such families is born. Either way, it causes deterioration in mental health, which is most often studied in mothers.

Scientists from the School of Psychology at Deakin University conducted analysis 23 studies to find out how unplanned pregnancy affects men and what psychological problems it brings with it. In total, information on 8,085 fathers was studied.

The condition of fathers was assessed in the first year of the child’s birth. They were also asked whether they and their partner planned to have children or whether it was a surprise. It turned out that men who became parents due to an unexpected pregnancy experienced mental health problems such as depression, stress and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) twice as often as those who were expecting the birth.

According to experts, the most common type of mental disorder is depression.

It was even more common among young fathers than postpartum depression among mothers.

The researchers also found that the negative effects on men’s mental health persisted regardless of whether it was their first child or not.

The researchers advised people to pay attention to young fathers they know, as they may have problems and need help.

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Anna Morozova

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