Scientists: Some people can control goosebumps | November 21, 2023

Goose bumps are the contraction of small muscles at the base of the hair follicles. In the scientific community, this process is described by the term “piloerection.” It is most often considered an involuntary response to an event or stimulus (eg, touch, music) controlled by the synaptic nervous system, which regulates unconscious actions. That is, it is physiologically impossible to control this action yourself.

However, the research carried out Scientists from Northeastern University in Boston (USA) showed that some people can control the process of goosebumps appearing on their skin.

During the scientific work, 32 volunteers were able to demonstrate the ability to experience piloerection at will. Most participants explained that they could easily generate goosebumps on their body and did not understand why other people could not do this.

Participants with a unique ability note that to cause goosebumps you just have to think about them. Scientists have concluded that the process is triggered at will most often in open people, that is, in those who are more receptive to new ideas, more creative and curious.

The authors of the works emphasized that it is impossible to explain why open people have such an ability. Scientists also expressed a desire to continue observing such unique species, but to involve many more people to conduct research.

All people can get goosebumps from the feeling of the presence of someone stranger in the room. Scientists explained the reason for this phenomenon.

Anna Morozova

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