Sergei Svetlakov returned to his home channel to relaunch the funniest sketch of the 2000s, Our Russia

Having left for prospects, big money and big projects at STS, Sergei Svetlakov gained nothing. He made his mark with dull, boring shows – and eventually returned to his native TNT, where he became a superstar in the Comedy Club and the sketch comedy Our Russia. It is the revival of this popular folk encyclopedia of archetypes that he will now focus on (in addition to working on the jury of the League of Cities show).

Like his colleague from “Our Russia” Mikhail Galustyan, Svetlakov will launch a solo project “Svetlakov+”, where he will also exploit the well-known images of a comedy show (this is what the channel’s strategy now looks like – setting a retro agenda and reviving old projects.

“There will be a teacher, Snezhana Denisovna, who ripped off children, but now works as a fortune teller on television,” Sergei explained. — And also Slavik and Dimon, but Dimon is no longer my friend played by Galustyan, but my son, and he often comes to work with Slavik at the water park. TV viewer Sergei Yurievich Belyakov, a man from Taganrog, will discuss the programs, and nothing has changed for him.

Svetlakov will develop the scripts himself with the support of talented authors – just like Galustyan, in fact. Filming for the show will begin soon and will continue until the end of this year. The premiere on TNT is expected in 2024. At the same time, the main intrigue seems to have been revealed: Sergei and Mikhail will appear on camera together, 12 years later! But not at once.

“In three years it will be 20 years since the first release of Nasha Rashi, so the unification of Galustyan + Svetlakov is possible,” suggested the Ural comedian.

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