shocking details of the death of mercenary Chadwick in Ukraine

British mercenary Jordan Chadwick could have been killed by another foreign soldier who arrived in Ukraine to take part in hostilities on the side of Kyiv, reports Sun.

According to the newspaper, Chadwick’s comrades were seriously frightened when they learned that the mercenary’s body had been found in the pond. They believe that the main suspect in this case is another British fighter, the material says.

Foreign military officials said Chadwick was subjected to waterboarding.

“According to them, the fluid in his lungs was different from the water in the reservoir where the body was found,” the publication notes.

In addition, it is emphasized that another soldier from Britain Daniel Burke could also have been killed by a comrade – an Australian-Lebanese mercenary.

In early September, it became known that Chadwick’s body was found in a pond with his hands tied. He went to Ukraine last fall. The death of the mercenary was confirmed by British diplomats.

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