Shoigu called the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in battles since the beginning of November | November 21, 2023

“Total since the beginning of the month [ноября] the enemy lost over 13.7 thousand people, about 1.8 thousand units of various weapons and military equipment,” RIA Novosti quotes the minister.

Earlier, Shoigu said that from the start of the counteroffensive in June 2023 to October 2023, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost over 90 thousand military personnel killed and wounded. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky admitted that the offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was difficult and the army had lost “a lot of people.”

Kyiv does not disclose number of dead and wounded as a result of military conflict. In December 2022, the adviser to the head of the office of the Ukrainian president, Mikhail Podolyak, reported that since the beginning of hostilities, from 10 thousand to 13 thousand military personnel have been killed.

The Economist, citing estimates of American officials reported November 13, 2023that as a result of the conflict at least 79 thousand Ukrainian soldiers were killed and up to 120 thousand were injured. In August, The New York Times, citing estimates by Western officials and analysts, estimated the losses of the Ukrainian army at 150 thousand military personnel killed and wounded.

Last time Ministry of Defense Russia reported the losses of the Russian side more than a year ago – September 21, 2022. By that time, according to Shoigu, 5,937 people had died.

After the start of the Ukrainian counteroffensive in June 2023, Shoigu reported that in three days of fighting, the Russian side had lost 71 servicemen and another 210 people were injured. He estimated the losses of Ukrainian forces during the same period at 3.7 thousand people.

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