Shoigu checked the implementation of the state defense order at the Zvezda plant in Primorye

Sergei Shoigu went on a working trip to the Primorsky Territory

Sergei Shoigu went on a working trip to the Primorsky Territory

Head of the Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu met Friday morning on a working trip to the Primorsky Territory. First of all, he visited the oldest Far Eastern plant, Zvezda, in Bolshoy Kamen, where he checked the construction of a floating dock complex, the progress of repairs and modernization of nuclear submarines within the framework of the state order.

The minister asked the management of the leading enterprise for the repair of submarines of the Pacific Fleet to adhere to the schedule for the modernization of nuclear submarines and to make maximum use of Zvezda’s production capacity to complete the repair of submarine missile carriers.

And at the Arsenyevsky Progress aircraft plant, the head of the Ministry of Defense was shown the working process in the machining, aggregate and final assembly shops of Ka-52M combat helicopters.

“The modernized Ka-52M helicopter received new radar systems, sighting systems, as well as weapons with significantly increased characteristics. In the final assembly shop we carry out work not only on the production of new machines, but also on the modification of helicopters that perform tasks in the northwestern military zone. The work is being carried out within the framework of a life cycle contract,” the director of the enterprise, Sergei Shamshura, told the minister and clarified that this year the volume of fulfillment of the state defense order has doubled.

The head of the enterprise promised that in 2023 the groundwork for 2024 would be made in order to “guaranteed the fulfillment of the defense order.”

The minister also got acquainted with the training complex, with the help of which pilots learn the nuances of piloting and using the new Ka-52M radio electronics.

“Well, well done… If there is a complex, this is a serious complex, this is not a joke. Do we have something like this in our educational institutions?” the minister asked his deputy Alexei Krivoruchko.

He replied that there is a complex. The minister promised to check how they are used.

“The combat capabilities of the Ka-52M helicopters need to be improved, and the security of pilots needs to be increased,” the minister told his subordinates during the meeting.


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