Simon Bagdasaryan: On the set, Kalyuzhny received two slaps on the head from Stoyanov

Yuri Stoyanov and Gleb Kalyuzhny, frame from the TV series “Trepachi”.  Photo: Premier PR service

Yuri Stoyanov and Gleb Kalyuzhny, frame from the TV series “Trepachi”. Photo: Premier PR service

The premiere of the series “Trepachi” with 66-year-old Yuri Stoyanov and 25-year-old Gleb Kalyuzhny will take place on September 21 on the Premier platform. The project was also presented at the New Season online cinema festival, where KP.RU spoke with director Simon Bagdasaryan. For Simon, the series “Trepachi” became his debut. According to Bagdasaryan, he was simply lucky – both with the producers, the Andreasyan brothers, and with the actors. In an interview with KP.RU, Simon told how many slaps Kalyuzhny received from Stoyanov, why Yuri Nikolaevich calmed him down, and what the drunk man did on the set.

– What is the main message of the series “Trepachi”? Who is it for?

– In fact, the project is as down-to-earth as possible, it is for everyone. The main message is that it is possible to find friendship and life support where you do not expect it. This story can resonate with almost anyone because it is about family, broken people, and those looking for opportunity. Our hero, played by Gleb Kalyuzhny, helps everyone around him, because he is such a character – he is ready to sacrifice his dreams for the sake of others. The hero of Yuri Nikolaevich is a former great artist who once broke down and could not return. He finds in this young guy the son that his own son did not turn out to be. And Gleb’s hero finds in him the father he has not had since childhood. Their “chemistry”, relationship with Yuri Nikolaevich is a story of fathers and sons.

Simon Baghdasaryan.  Photo: Premier PR service

Simon Baghdasaryan. Photo: Premier PR service

– Stoyanov has already played with Kalyuzhny in the TV series “Vampires of the Middle Band.” In an interview, he said that his duet with Gleb in the current game project is different from the past, but in terms of the number of slaps there is no…

– In terms of the number of slaps, we are definitely losing, because on the set Gleb received from Yuri Nikolaevich, if I’m not mistaken, only two slaps on the head, and they are in the frame. And their work is definitely a master class. Gleb is an infinitely talented guy; he is physically and mentally ready for any experiments in his work. They had a kind of family history with Yuri Nikolaevich. For Gleb, he is a kind of mentor. They are like father and son. At the right moments, Yuri Nikolaevich and Gleb moved away from everyone, and some kind of magical whispering or instruction took place. It’s not that something didn’t work out for Gleb, it’s just that after Stoyanov’s advice it was even better. In general, Yuri Nikolaevich not only helped the actors with words.

– And you?

– Since I am a debutant, and Yuri Stoyanov is a huge star, I, of course, had some concerns. I was warned that big stars tend to have their own personalities, and they can impose something on the director. And I also have a complex character, and I was afraid that conflicts might arise between us, but there was never even a hint that Yuri Nikolaevich wanted to somehow get into directing. On the contrary, he helped me. He is an exceptional professional and a very good mentor. As a director, I could be worried or worried somewhere, and he, like a good uncle, would take me aside and say: “Boy, everything is great. Take a deep breath. Whatever you feel is how it should be.” And I returned to the site in a completely different mood.

A still from the TV series “Trepachi”.  Photo: Premier PR service

A still from the TV series “Trepachi”. Photo: Premier PR service

– Stoyanov immediately agreed to this role?

– The fact that he starred in the series “Trepachi” is the merit of my producers Sarik and Ghevond Andreasyan. I came to a project that had already been agreed upon with Yuri Stoyanov. How did I get there? I’m lucky. After all, I only had one short film that won a couple of awards. And then an offer came that there was a chance to work with big producers. I said that I was ready to shoot everything – videos, advertising. I was told that the project already exists. I told how I see it, the producers agreed. Then we agreed on everything with Stoyanov, and work began.

– What was the most difficult thing for you as a debut director?

– Work with a huge group. Because a short film is one thing. You simply gather 20-30 people with your own money and control everything. But a big series is a group of about 100 people, and nothing depends on you. But you still have to control everything.

A still from the TV series “Trepachi”.  Photo: Premier PR service

A still from the TV series “Trepachi”. Photo: Premier PR service

– Did any incidents happen during the filming?

– When we were filming one of the scenes in a bar, a drunk man burst in and demanded to pour him a beer. Nobody ever did. He got upset, cursed and left.


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