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21.11.2023 18:25

At the premiere of the melodrama “Kesha Must Die” at the Moscow cinema yesterday, an updated Natalia Rudova. Age has no effect on the 40-year-old actress, who maintains her natural beauty. When asked how she manages to look young and fresh, Rudova openly shared her secrets.

“The secrets are simple: a good cosmetologist, diet and good sex,” the star emphasized in a conversation with KP. RU.

She admitted that despite the attention from fans, she is not currently dating anyone.

“I’m not in love with anyone. For this to happen, there must be chemistry on both sides,” Rudova added.

The actress expressed her preference for charismatic, intelligent and talented men with a sense of humor, noting that the professional field is not a mandatory criterion.

“We girls do all this. But at the same time, it is important to maintain individuality,” the star emphasized.

Rudova admits to using various procedures, including beauty injections, but emphasizes the importance of maintaining individuality.

“If some nuance in a person’s appearance interferes with his life, then why not correct it?” – noted the actress.

She also regularly monitors her weight, introducing dietary restrictions, avoiding red meat and dairy products. Rudova emphasized that although she is not against plastic surgery, she does not plan to completely change her appearance.

“This is already a problem in the head,” Rudova said. “On the other hand, if something interferes with life, why not fix it?”

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