Simple self-love practices of the young generation

Loving and caring for yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, may have become something that is forgotten along with increasingly busy routines. Especially with the current pandemic conditions, what is called self-love  is increasingly being neglected because oneself is filled with feelings of uncertainty.

But if you look at social media, lately many people have tried to highlight the issue of self-love  because this is indeed a step that can save oneself in an uncertain situation. One of them is Blibli, which recently launched a webseries with a similar topic entitled ” Stories About Ending “.

Most recently, Blibli Senior Brand Manager, Zsazsa Kartika provides 4 simple self-love practices that anyone can do. Anything?

Relaxation to relieve stress

Stress is normal in life, but it can trigger mental problems if not managed properly. One way that can be done to relieve stress is to relax by using essential oils.

Zsazsa suggests using chamomile or ylang ylang-scented essential oils in an air humidifier diffuser  for a calming atmosphere, or dripping French lavender-scented essential oils on pillows or blankets if you have trouble sleeping.

Achieve mindfulness by doing yoga

Quoting various studies, Zsazsa said that doing yoga can have a calming effect besides making the body fit. This activity can be an option even if you’ve never done it, because simple yoga movements are scattered on YouTube.

It’s just that, Zsazsa recommends doing yoga on a soft and flexible surface such as a special mat, so that parts of the body such as the knees and waist are properly supported when doing yoga movements.

Listen to music for relaxation or to maintain focus while on the move

Music has long been known as a stress reliever. Even certain types of music can help you stay focused and calm, such as ambient music .

But whatever the type of music is, as long as you feel comfortable listening to it, then actually it has become a good medium.

Eat healthy food for a good mood

When it comes to caring for and loving yourself, good food is not enough. This must be balanced with a healthy diet. The easiest step is to make sure the food you eat is nutritionally balanced.

For that, fruits and vegetables are foodstuffs that should not be missed. If you get bored, you can process it into smoothies with yogurt or honey as a natural sweetener.

So, those are 4 simple self-love practices from Blibli that you can apply from now on. Zsazsa also added that Blibli also provides a comfortable experience for anyone when they want to accommodate the self-love needs above, through a complete variety of product categories.

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