Sobchak felt Kirkorov’s buttocks, checking their elasticity after plastic surgery

Philip allowed Ksenia to touch his buttocks.  Photo: video frame.

Philip allowed Ksenia to touch his buttocks. Photo: video frame.

Philip Kirkorov became the new hero of the show “Caution, Sobchak!” The 56-year-old singer showed Ksenia his six-pack abs, showed his breasts after plastic surgery, and even allowed her to touch her buttocks. And all to prove that his plastic surgeon Timur Khaidarov, who got involved in a scandal, is actually a good specialist.

Philip is ready to defend his doctor, because, according to him, Timur gave him not only a new body, but also a new life. Having undergone liposuction, Kirkorov regained his self-confidence and began a new round of creativity.

“At one point I looked at myself and realized that I am 56 years old. And there are young people around, we have to conform. I realized that I need to love myself again in order to get high. This summer I went to the beach to sunbathe for the first time in a long time. Everyone looked at me, I was enjoying myself,” said Kirkorov.

The TV presenter felt with pleasure "fifth point" Kirkorov.  Photo: video frame.

The TV presenter felt with pleasure Kirkorov’s “fifth point”. Photo: video frame.

Philip admitted that in recent years he had gained a lot of weight and fat, and the surgeon “cut him like a diamond.” During the show, Philip undressed and showed off his renewed body to the camera. Ksenia was delighted, noting that she now has more cellulite than Kirkorov.

“No cellulite! Firstly, I do fitness at the same time. Secondly – genetics. Look at Bedros, he’s 91 years old!” – Philip reminded about his father.

Having pulled off his jeans and remaining in only his shorts, the artist allowed Ksenia to touch his buttocks.

“When I swam with fat, my most beautiful part was lost. Jennifer Lopez is lost,” the artist complained.

There were rumors that the surgeon implanted him with implants to give his “fifth point” the necessary roundness. But Philip assured: no implants, he has everything of his own. After liposuction, Khaidarov injected his own fat into his buttocks, making them firmer and more convex. Ksenia touched the renewed part of the stellar body and admitted: indeed, there are no implants. According to Sobchak, Philip now looks incredibly thin, and you just want to touch him.

Kirkorov and his new breasts.  Photo: video frame.

Kirkorov and his new breasts. Photo: video frame.

“You are now Ken in anticipation of Barbie,” Sobchak joked.

Kirkorov says that he is ready for new transformations. Now Khaidarov is removing old scars on his legs with a laser, which the artist earned by hitting the monitors on stage.


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