St. Petersburg scientists have invented a drone that will find lost people by screaming | November 21, 2023

Even opera singers were involved in the development of the drone, which helps inventors understand the unique nature of the human voice and distinguish it from the background of natural noise.

“At first we solved a very simple problem. A person can get lost in the forest with a phone in his hands, then you can call him – we launch the quadcopter, it flies over the forest, and at this time the person speaks – I hear / I don’t hear. We bring it to the person when he sees the quadcopter, and record the GPS coordinates, then we go to rescue,” said Konstantin Amelin, director of the scientific and educational center of St. Petersburg State University “Mathematical Robotics and Artificial Intelligence”.

The channel’s interlocutor hopes that this summer rescuers will begin using new drones to search for lost people.

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