State Duma Deputy Novikov noted the need for cooperation between Argentina and BRICS

To the new Argentine leadership led by the elected president Javier Miley, cooperation with Russia and China will be required if their own development is in their interests. This was stated by the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Dmitry Novikov in a conversation with the media.

“Priorities, foreign policy accents, the main friends that the new Argentine government will have on the world stage are one thing, and Argentine interests in general are another. Still, the new government will have to be the government of Argentina, and not some other country. Completely abandon the developments “The previous period will not work, because every new government that comes to any country does not deny everything that was done before it. If it is a nationally oriented government, then it begins to use these developments in its own interests,” Novikov noted.

In his opinion, in order to maintain foreign economic activity, it is important for Argentina to maintain access to markets that were developed earlier.

“Not all the products that Argentina produces can be sold in cooperation with the United States. Argentina has a Russian segment, and economic cooperation with China has been developing. These are the countries that play a large role in BRICS. Therefore, the interests of Argentina itself and its economic development will dictate The new authorities will at least have constructive interaction with BRICS, regardless of whether Argentina now becomes a member of this association, or whether there will be a pause in resolving this issue,” the deputy added.

Novikov also noted that Miley’s election program contains some internal contradictions.

“The program contains mutually exclusive theses, so now, when it was necessary to collect votes, a sum of ideas was expressed that, in the opinion of the presidential candidates, should have accumulated the maximum number of voters around him and received the necessary support. This tactic worked. But to win the elections this way it’s possible, but it’s impossible to lead with such approaches,” the politician concluded.

Earlier, Libertarian Party MP Javier Miley won the presidential election in Argentina. In his election program, he expressed ideas about dollarization of the economy, large-scale privatization, strengthening ties with the United States and reducing trade interaction with Russia and China, and also stated his reluctance to join the BRICS, reports URA.RU.

We also previously reported that the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Ryabkov noted: the question of creating a single BRICS currency still remains open.

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