Szijjártó, who brought the battery factories to us, already prints out the online pages and reads them

We dare not even think about the carbon footprint of Péter Szijjártó, who imagines the green revolution by unleashing environmentally destructive battery factories on our country, after what he posted last time.

At least he takes on environmental pollution. Source: Facebook

The Hungarian foreign minister, like his boss, Viktor Orbán, instructs his subordinates to give him the national sports of the day printed on paper abroad. This time in New York – 444 writes.

In the past, Szijjártó was also good at browsing the county’s league tables online, since at his parliamentary hearing in 2021, he said about the Israeli company NSO, which produces Pegasus spy software, that when he was first asked about the company, he thought it was from, i.e. the sports newspaper they inquire about the online version. Petitminister has not even heard of the Israeli spy company.

Szijjártó also imitates his boss when it comes to cash. When he bought sports shoes for 75,000 in a store called Balázs Kicks, he answered the usual question when paying,

Cash. Always.

In this, too, the role model is Orbán, who was recently spotted by reporters on a street in Ferencváros with a Greek banknote in his hand.

After the pro-cash position of the Fidesz leaders, the pro-cash signature campaign was launched by the principled opposition Mi Hazánk.

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