The absence of the judge delays the real estate file of Al-Mannaesh Boudriqa – Al-Youm 24

On Monday evening, the Casablanca Court of Appeal postponed the case of forging a sales contract for the purpose of seizing a plot of land until February 26 in order to complete the formal payments.

While one of the lawyers from the defense team of the main accused in this file confirms that the reason for the postponement is that the judge fell ill, another source familiar with the file considered that the reason is due to the judge’s transfer to the Court of Cassation.

In this file, the main accused (A. Boudriga), the well-known real estate developer, brother of the president of Raja and the follower who has been under arrest since his arrest last year at Mohammed V Airport, is followed in this file, along with a notary in the city of Casablanca called (Y. Al-Sayeh), as they attempt to travel to the Spanish city of Barcelona.

(A. Boudriqa) ​​is being pursued for two felonies of participating with a notary in forging an official document, in addition to knowingly using a forged official document, and the misdemeanor of participating in forging a document issued by public administrations as proof of identity and participating in its use, in addition to the misdemeanor of participating in forging commercial documents and participating in forgery. .

All the defendants are being arrested following a complaint “for false defamation,” filed by a woman named “Haniyeh” as one of the heirs of the deceased “Hada Al-Sardi” since last year.

This case relates to the suspicion of forgery of a contract for the sale of a real estate property called “Bilad Hada”, which is a piece of land, with an area of ​​one hectare and 500 square metres, containing a building, in the Tit Mellil area in Al-Bayda, in the name of a woman who was suffering from “Alzheimer’s” disease throughout her life, and who died before the date of the conclusion of the contract. The contract is with an identity card that was previously lost under mysterious circumstances.

The complainant says that she issued her mother (the property owner) a new national identification card, the expiration date of which began on September 27, 2019, and expires on September 27, 2029.

The complainant confirms that when her mother’s illness became severe, she began quarantine procedures on 02/03/2020, during which her mother was in a deplorable condition and unable to answer questions, as stated in file No. 2020/1603/701 at the Social Court of First Instance in Casablanca.

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