The astrologer told which men of which signs are difficult to build relationships with


20.11.2023 20:59

It is not so easy to establish relationships, especially with men born under the signs of Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius, Libra, Leo and Cancer, says the astrologer Svetlana Wright.

In her opinion, representatives of some zodiac signs have character traits that are best learned about in advance. This gives the girl the opportunity to decide whether she is ready to live together with this person in marriage, the astrologer notes.

For example, active Aries prone to open competition with his soulmate in various areas of life. In addition, representatives of this sign cannot always effectively manage the family budget, the expert adds.

Scorpios are considered the most suspicious in the zodiac circle. Men of this sign also show strong jealousy and may be prone to energy vampirism. They may enjoy internally observing their lover’s emotions, but they never express their feelings.

Capricorn seeks to control the life of his beloved. It is important for him to know everything about her location and companies with whom she communicates. While Aquarius passionately loves freedom and does not tolerate established boundaries. This may manifest itself in his constant tardiness as he does not attach much importance to discipline, says the astrologer.

A man born under the sign Virgo, often acts as a tormentor-critic. He is able to blame his partner for all possible mistakes, including those that are associated with himself.

“Man Scales constantly compares his beloved with others, trying to move her towards a certain ideal: he needs to lose weight, then get fat, then change his hairstyle, and so on,” Wright emphasizes in a conversation with “Moscow 24“.

When establishing a relationship with Leo, you need to be prepared for the fact that he may be a narcissist who constantly talks about himself. This man’s personal needs often become more important than his partner’s desires.

Cancer, despite its apparent harmlessness, can complicate relationships with its dramatic touchiness. Constant apologies may be necessary,” the specialist notes.

However, if you really like a man with one of these signs, you shouldn’t rush to conclusions because of his character traits. It is important to openly discuss with your partner what may create problems in the relationship, the expert concludes.

Author Makar Gorshenin

Makar Vadimovich Gorshenin is a student at the Moscow University of Finance and Law, a freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru.

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