the blogger left them a “gift” in the bag

A unique method of fighting pickpockets: the blogger left them a “gift” in his bag


03/25/2024 07:19

Rob Adcock, a traveler and blogger, decided to take revenge on the pickpockets who stole his bag during a trip to Madrid. He hatched a cunning plan, leaving a bag unattended filled with horse waste and a special police tracking device.

According to him, it all started in Madrid, just a few hours before a football match, when his backpack was stolen. It contained a passport and other valuables, leaving the tourist with only a mobile phone. This happened four hours before departure, forcing him to stay in Spain to obtain a temporary document.

Rob’s idea for revenge came from his mother, who expressed a desire for something disgusting to be in the bag. That’s how the plan came about.

“My plan is to look like a normal tourist, go to places where pickpockets operate, and leave my bag unattended,” Rob explained. “There will be real horse manure inside and a nice surprise – a police tracking device. I hope they get an unexpected gift,” he added.

Although Rob does not share the results of his revenge, he continues to actively blog and travel the world. His story became famous thanks to a video on TikTok, which has already received more than 100 thousand views.

This case attracted the attention of journalists, who noted the original approach to fighting crime. Many people support Rob’s ideas, believing that it is an effective way to protect their rights and personal property.

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