The Cabinet of Ministers did not support the bill to increase maternity capital to 1 million rubles | November 22, 2023

The bill was introduced in State Duma a group of deputies from LDPR in August this year. It is proposed to make changes to the law “On additional measures of state support for families with children” by prescribing a new amount of maternity capital. Thus, from February 1, 2024, in the event of the birth or adoption of the first child, maternity capital is proposed to be set at 756,712 rubles. In the case of the birth or adoption of a second child, from February 1, 2024, the amount of maternity capital increases by 243,288 rubles and reaches 1 million rubles.

The government recalled that the mechanism for indexing the size of maternal (family) capital (MSC) in 2022 was changed. In particular, for the period 2021-2023, the size of the MSC was indexed by 21.3% and increased by 103,064.89 rubles for the first child and by 136,196.42 rubles for the second child and subsequent children. “In this regard, the size of the MSC in 2024 will be approximately 618 thousand rubles for the first child and 816.7 thousand rubles for the second, third child and subsequent children,” the Cabinet added.

They also pointed out that the bill did not specify the sources of funding for the costs required to implement the initiative. “The Government of the Russian Federation does not support the bill,” the draft review concluded.

Maternity capital is a measure of state support for Russian families of the national project “Demography”. Since 2007, families in which a second child was born or adopted, as well as any subsequent child, were entitled to such support, if the right to capital had not arisen or been formalized before. From January 1, 2020, maternity capital is issued at the birth of the first child.

After indexation on February 1, 2023, the amount of maternity capital is 586.9 thousand rubles for the first child. At the birth of the second, the amount of capital increases by 188.6 thousand rubles, if the family has already received a certificate for the first child born after January 1, 2020. Maternity capital in an increased amount, if a second or any subsequent child has appeared in the family since 2020, has increased to 775.6 thousand rubles.

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