The deadlines for the transition to simplified deductions for treatment, education and sports have been announced


21.11.2023 14:21

Let us remind you that a simplified deduction procedure is now in effect for property and investment deductions.

In conversation with Pravda. ru Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Artyom Kiryanov explained the essence of the planned innovations.

“The Federal Tax Service is reducing all procedures related to communication with taxpayers. And these shortened procedures lead to the fact that, firstly, data from various departmental databases is pulled up within the framework of interdepartmental exchange, digital exchange, and secondly, deadlines are reduced accordingly on receiving various refunds. A person already feels much more comfortable when contacting the tax service, including using the taxpayer’s personal account. All issues related to receiving various deductions and benefits are already arranged according to the principle of an internal process, that is, a person every year There is less and less need to prove something, attach any certificates, explanations, and so on.

And that’s why we see that people who previously, for example, did not use tax deductions, are increasingly applying,” the expert explained.

It is planned to begin providing social deductions in a simplified mode from 2025.

Tax deduction for the purchase of an apartment.

Author Irina Malova

Irina Malova – journalist, correspondent-interviewer for Pravda.Ru

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