The doctor refuted the most popular myth about food

Forget about sausage headaches: the doctor has debunked the most popular myth about food


02/13/2024 12:27

Well-known general practitioner and Honored Doctor of Moscow Alexander Myasnikov claims that the idea that eating sausages can cause headaches is a myth and misconception.

In his opinion, the idea of ​​the so-called “sausage headache” has no scientific basis. The doctor jokingly notes that even after he ate a sausage right in the broadcast studio, his head did not start to hurt. Instead, he points out that headaches can be caused by drinking alcohol such as beer, wine and vodka.

Specialist Batagova Violeta

Specialist in encephalopathy, polyneuropathy, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and their complications, extrapyramidal diseases (Parkinson’s disease, tics, essential tremor, etc.), demyelinating diseases, diseases of the muscle synapse.

Specialist Korovkin Mikhail

Provides treatment for a wide range of neurological diseases (scoliosis, dorsopathies, headaches, back pain)

Specialist Andrianova Irina

Specialist in the treatment of neuropathy, consequences of a stroke, neuralgia and dorsopathies.

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