The endocrinologist named “healthy” foods that actually harm those losing weight


20.11.2023 21:18

Not all products are popular with adherents healthy eating, actually promote weight loss. And some of them can even be harmful, said an endocrinologist and nutritionist at the Clinic on Maroseyka. Yulia Khruleva.

For example, juices and smoothies made from fruits and vegetables are not nearly as healthy as many people are used to thinking. writes Gazeta.Ru.

“Such diets can lead to exacerbation of existing diseases in people with impaired carbohydrate metabolism and gastrointestinal pathology,” Khruleva emphasized.

The doctor reminded that those losing weight should use avocado with caution, which is actually very high in calories, and is superior in this regard to many other vegetables and fruits.

Khruleva said that dried fruits contain more sugar and calories compared to fresh fruits. The same applies to ready-made muesli, which is better to prepare yourself, seasoning the dish with low-fat yogurt and fruit to taste.

You need to be careful with ready-made sweet yoghurts, curds and kefir, which can also contain a lot of added sugar. It is advisable to give preference to dairy products that are not too fatty and without sugar, the endocrinologist added.


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