The Federal Tax Service explained the claims against bloggers as a problem of rapid growth | November 21, 2023

“One of the significant problems is the problem of rapid growth. The guys quickly grew up and grew without the need to use the classical models of creating a business with the HR department, lawyers and accounting that we understood,” he noted.

According to Egorov, there were no political reasons for checking bloggers. In relation to them, “routine checks were carried out, which are not significant from the point of view of tax revenue,” he noted. “There were two or three cases of tax evasion. And those who have “clarified” continue to work great. In my opinion, the answer is obvious,” said Egorov.

According to the head of the Federal Tax Service, some entrepreneurs in the field of information services initially worked according to the law, and those who distorted the tax base were divided into two blocks. “Someone understands that this is so, and then they clarify it, receive installments and enter the legal field. But someone continues to oppose,” he said.

Since the beginning of 2023, cases have been initiated against a number of “millionaire” bloggers on suspicion of tax evasion and demands have been made to repay debts to the Federal Tax Service amounting to hundreds of millions of rubles. Among them are Alexandra Mitroshina, Elena Blinovskaya, Lerchek (Valeria Chekalina) and her husband Artem Chekalin. They were charged with violations related to the use of simplified taxation schemes with total earnings exceeding the limits for the application of preferential regimes, as well as money laundering and business fragmentation.

Previously, the Federal Tax Service named the three most common violations that are detected during checks of bloggers, RBC wrote. This is business fragmentation, incorrect reflection of profits, non-payment of personal income tax.

In November, the lawyer of the Chekalins announced the payment of debts to the budget in the amount of approximately 500 million rubles. taking into account additional penalties and fines. According to him, the couple paid off all their debts. Earlier, in May, Alexandra Mitroshina announced the payment of the main part of her debt in the amount of 127 million rubles. Elena Blinovskaya, who is under house arrest, paid only 10 million rubles. out of 918 million, said the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, in May.

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