The Fidesz party paper, Magyar Nemzet, calls the guest worker law a sovereignty protection law

Either this will be the watchword from now on and we will have a lot of sovereignty protection laws, or the promised law will not come after all, and this is what Fidesz has come up with as an escape route.

Photo: MTI/Prime Minister’s Press Office/Zolt├ín Fischer

“The law on the protection of sovereignty is before the Parliament”, Magyar Nemzet wrote on Tuesday morning.

The guest worker law is called that.

“Today, the Parliament will start the discussion of the law protecting sovereignty, i.e. the bill on the general rules for the entry and residence of third-country nationals”

– wrote the Magyar Nemzet.

THE according to or Fidesz will focus so much on the EP campaign and the protection of sovereignty as a slogan that they will insist on this on everything, and we will reach the point where almost every step of the government will be a step to protect sovereignty, at least until the elections.

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