“The money landed with Minister István Nagy” – Hadházy makes a report in Switzerland regarding the bribery case of the Ministry of Agriculture, because he does not trust Péter Polt

He is turning to the Swiss because he does not trust Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt.

Half of the 2.2 billion stolen from the institution of the Ministry of Agriculture landed on the account of the offshore company of the then chief of staff of Minister István Nagy’s father, wrote Ákos Hadházy in on Facebook referring to Direkt36’s latest material.

At the September hearing of the criminal trial against the former Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, János Nagy, and his associates due to dishonesty, the defendants’ defense attorneys tried to stop the judge’s presentation of the documents, but they were unsuccessful. This is how it was revealed that, according to the indictment, almost half of the 2.2 billion forints paid to two law firms unnecessarily, without any meaningful work, went to.

According to the bank documents, the law firms transferred significant sums to a Swiss bank account through a Budapest company. This account was owned by a Panamanian offshore company, which, according to the documents presented by the judge, is linked to a Hungarian billionaire businessman, Kristóf Nobilis.

As Dikert36 drew attention to, one of Kristóf Nobilis’s sons, Márton Nobilis, was the minister’s chief of staff at the time of the money movements, and is currently the state secretary of the same ministry.

Ákos Hadházy, who previously filed a report with the Hungarian prosecutor’s office, now writes that he does not trust Péter Polt, therefore,

He also makes an announcement in Switzerland to see if they will be more efficient.

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