The Moroccan national team reached the quarter-finals for the first time in its history – Today 24

The Moroccan national team wrote history by reaching the quarter-finals for the first time in its history, following its victory on penalties over Iran, in the match that took place today, Tuesday, on the floor of the Glora Bung Tomo Stadium, in Surabaya, Indonesia, to calculate the final price of the U-17 World Cup. A year, after the match ended in its original time with a positive draw, a goal for the same.

Saeed Sheba’s sons started the match in its first round with the ambition of reaching the goal early, in order to facilitate the task of qualifying for the quarter-finals for the first time, after the last stop they reached was the eighth-final in 2013, in their first participation in the World Cup finals in the Emirates, before they were defeated by Ivory Coast with two goals. For a goal.

The Moroccan national team players were forced to go back to secure their goal, while relying on counterattacks that might give them a goal against the course of play, but they lacked precision and focus, while the Iranian national team rushed with a larger number of players in search of the first goal in the first quarter hour of the match, without He was able to achieve his goal, in light of the lack of offensive effectiveness, and the good standing of Fouad Zahouani’s teammates, along with goalkeeper Taha Bengozel.

Control shifted to the Moroccan national team during the last quarter-hour of the first round, as the players searched for reaching the goal in all possible ways through the attempts made available to them, but all opportunities failed, due to haste and lack of concentration in the final touch after reaching the operations box, whether during Shooting or passing, while the Iranian team did not succeed in scoring the first goal, as a result of the continued lack of offensive effectiveness, thus ending the first half as it began with the sound of whiteout.

The Atlas Cubs entered the second round as they finished the first, pressing in search of the first goal, which they almost achieved on more than one occasion, had it not been for the good interventions of the Iranian defense accompanied by their goalkeeper, while their companions in the attack were maneuvering from time to time whenever they had the opportunity, seeking to find… The loophole that will enable them to reach the net of Taha Benguzil, without being able to achieve their goal, so that the match continues in tension in search of the winning goal, which will take its owner to the quarter-finals, to face the Malian national team, which qualifies at the expense of Mexico.

The Moroccan national team continued its drive in search of the first goal, which eluded the players in the first round and a quarter of an hour of the second half, despite the many scoring attempts made available to Mohamed Amin Katiba’s teammates, while the Iranian national team players continued to rely on counterattacks, which I gave them the first goal in the 74th minute, thanks to the player Ismail Gholizadeh.

The sons of Saeed Sheba tried to adjust the result in all possible ways, but failure was the most prominent feature of all opportunities, in light of the continued haste in ending the attacks, as well as the crossbar that replaced the goalkeeper in the save, while the Iranian team continued to rely on counterattacks, which in turn lacked speed and accuracy. And focus, and at a time when the match was heading towards the end, the Moroccan team was able to adjust the result in stoppage time through player Nassim Azouzi, ending the match in its original time with a positive draw, one goal for the same, after which both sides went to penalty kicks, which guaranteed Morocco’s qualification to the final. Iran account.

The Moroccan national team will face its Malian counterpart next Saturday, November 25, starting at one o’clock in the afternoon, on the grounds of Manahan Stadium, in the Indonesian city of Surakarta, for the quarter-finals of the U-17 World Cup.

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