The Moroccan Olympic team returns to winning ways after achieving a valuable victory against the United States – Today 24

The Moroccan national Olympic team was able to defeat its American counterpart with a clean goal, in the match that took place today, Tuesday, on the floor of the Benatar Arena, in Murcia, Spain, in a friendly framework, in preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Issam Al-Shara’i’s sons entered the match in its first round with the determination to open the scoring, and whoever maintained the lead, and increased other goals if that came to him, to end the current preparatory group with a victory, after the defeat in the first match by 3-0 against Denmark, while presenting a pale performance, at a time when The American team maneuvered whenever it had the opportunity, hoping to surprise Walid Hasbi with a goal that would pave the way for him to advance in the score.

After many failed attempts, the Moroccan national team was able to score the first goal through player Bilal Nadir in the 31st minute, finding the American team required to rush with the largest number of players in order to equalize before the end of the first round, but failure was the most prominent title of all its attempts, while Younis Taha’s teammates did not succeed in reaching Brady Christopher’s net for the second time, ending the first half with Essam Al Sharia’s sons leading by a clean goal.

The two sides searched for reaching the net during the phases of the second round, with the aim of adjusting by the United States of America, and to add the second goal by the Moroccan national team, but neither of them was able to achieve what they wanted, due to the lack of offensive effectiveness after reaching the operations square, so the match continued in tension. He attracted the two teams in the hope of scoring the net.

The American team extended its control over the course of the last quarter-hour of the match, hoping to achieve a draw through the attempts made available to it, without being able to achieve its goal, in light of the good stand of the Moroccan defense accompanied by goalkeeper Walid Hasbi, while their companions in the attack relied on counterattacks that did not succeed. It paid off, as a result of its lack of accuracy and focus, so the match ended with the Moroccan team’s victory with a clean goal over the United States of America.

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