The nutritionist told who needs to eat fish with caution


21.11.2023 23:03

Nutritionist Angelique Duval in a conversation with Pravda.Ru she spoke about the restrictions when eating fish.

The expert recalled that despite all the obvious benefits of fish, there are always some diseases for which this product should not be consumed.

“People who suffer from liver and biliary tract diseases should not eat fatty fish. I would also not recommend eating canned, salted or fried fish,” Duval said.

Despite the fact that fish is very healthy, after heat treatment – frying in oil, smoking or salting – it can no longer be called a product of a properly balanced diet. Because due to the large amount of salts and other chemical components that are formed there as a result of heat treatment, such food is already harmful.

“Therefore, it is best for people who suffer from kidney disease, liver disease and hypertension to refuse such food. Those with high blood pressure should exclude everything salty. If we are talking about fish, then salted fish and canned fish, of course, should be excluded,” – the nutritionist explained.

Duval also advised paying attention to the expiration date and place of catch of the purchased fish. When we buy frozen fish, we need to look at the packaging to see when it was caught, when it was packaged and choose the freshest options, the nutritionist added.

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