The Orbáns will decide on a lot of things in the coming days – the parliament will hold a four-day session this week

The Parliament is holding a four-day session this week, which on Monday will discuss, among other things, last year’s final accounts, next year’s tax laws and the bill on the global minimum tax.

According to the proposed agenda on the parliamentary website, the meeting starts at 1 p.m.

After the speeches before the agenda, there will be interpellations, immediate questions and questions for about three hours.

Debates on the committee report and summary amendment proposals of eleven submissions will be held.

On the agenda will be, among other things, last year’s final accounts of the National Media and Communications Authority, as well as next year’s budget, the implementation of the 2022 central budget, next year’s tax laws and the bill regulating the global minimum tax, and the motion that would extend the privileges and immunities of the United Nations granted privileges, exemptions and facilitations to the institutions of World Aquatics operating in Hungary in an international agreement. The headquarters of the International Swimming and Water Polo Association will move from Lausanne, Switzerland to Budapest.

There will be a debate on the bill on the sustainable development of certain elements of the cultural heritage, which enables the free transfer of the ownership of certain state-owned castles, manors, and manor houses.

The representatives will discuss the amendment of the law on water utility services, which would allow residential and non-residential users to pay different water fees, and also for the minister to establish a nationally uniform water and sewerage fee in non-residential areas.

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