The owner of Lada Vesta returned the car due to serious problems

The owner of Lada Vesta returned the car due to serious problems

One of the Lada Vesta owners decided to return their car to the dealer due to serious problems discovered shortly after purchase, reports the Lada Online information portal.

According to the portal, the man purchased a car in the Techno version at the end of August, but the very next day he encountered several serious shortcomingswho required contacting a car service. According to his statement, there were problems with starting the engine, the multimedia system, the horn signal, and the operation of the wipers.

A week after purchase the owner decided to return the car to the dealership and successfully received a full refund. Before returning the car, he also made a video showing the problems he encountered. These videos were published on social networks.

In the video a man points out problems with noise from the brake calipers, improper operation of the windshield wipers at first speed and the horn not working when the steering wheel is straight. He also notes problems with the multimedia system, including the navigation on the dashboard freezing. It is important to note that the dealer acknowledged the defects and refunded the full price of the vehicle to the owner.

The owner returned the recently purchased Lada Vesta NG to the dealer due to defects

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