The Pentagon named the condition for further support for Ukraine | November 22, 2023

“The United States will continue to work with a coalition of allies and partners to provide Ukraine with the capabilities it needs to defend itself, which is why it is also critical that Congress take action to support Ukraine by passing a request for additional funding,” she said.

Singh noted that the United States was able to meet Ukraine’s needs during the counter-offensive and will continue to supply the country with what it needs as winter approaches.

“We need help from Congress. We cannot do this without Congress passing the supplemental bill we introduced months ago, which you know requires urgent emergency assistance. And this applies not only to Ukraine. This also applies to Israel and the Indo-Pacific region,” the representative added Pentagon.

The United States leads in the volume of assistance provided to Ukraine. According to calculations by the Kiel Institute of World Economy (Germany), from January 24, 2022 to September 7, 2023, Washington allocated about $75.4 billion to Kiev, of which $45.7 billion was military support, $25.8 billion was financial support, $3. 8 billion – humanitarian. In total, since February 24, 2022, Congress has approved four military-related aid packages in Ukraine totaling $113 billion.

USA congress the budget bill has not been adopted for about two months. In mid-November, a temporary law was approved for the second time in a row, which provides only necessary spending – without assistance to the country’s partners such as Israel and Ukraine.

According to NBC, by the end of 2023, congressmen may adopt a compromise plan that would include assistance to these two countries.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky previously warned that without Western help, the Ukrainian Armed Forces could begin to retreat. According to him, due to a “shift of focus” to the Middle East, arms supplies have decreased, but the Ukrainian Armed Forces are ready to continue fighting this winter.

The Russian side criticizes Western assistance to Ukraine, insisting that such methods only prolong the period of armed conflict, but Moscow’s goals will still be achieved.

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