The real reason why guys fall in love with soccer

“The beautiful game” is the name pinned by fans for this favorite sport. Football is often said to be the most popular sport globally, and many guys fall in love with it. Those who love this sport have received ‘guidance’ from the God of Football passed down through Pele, Maradona, Messi, or Ronaldo.

Guys who don’t like football have their reasons to stay away from the hustle and bustle of this sport. Well, everyone has their taste and opinion about their favorite sport. Then this is our opinion, football enthusiasts, why we love this sport so much.

1. Why Do We Like Ball? Because Football is a Universal Language

I’ve learned that soccer is truly universal. No matter where I go, that’s what kids are playing. That’s what people are talking about.

Bill Gates

Soccer is a light topic to start a conversation with fellow guys and can break the ice. In addition, this sport is also popular almost all over the world. So when you don’t know what to say to the Caucasian guy you met at the beach, talk to him about the soccer match broadcast last night. Most likely, he will understand.

Have you seen the film Cahaya Dari Timur? The film shows how football is something that unites a society amid conflict. This sport does not necessarily bring peace, but its fun can make people forget about the problems happening for a moment.

2. Soccer Is A Sport That Makes Sense

Football is about joy. It’s about dribbling. I favor every idea that makes the game beautiful. Every good idea has to last.


One incoming shot from open play on the basketball court can count 2-3 points on the scoreboard. A touchdown counts 6-8 points in American football. Tennis is even more complicated by using a counting system of 15, 30, and 40 to win a game. In soccer, 1 goal equals 1 point on the scoreboard. It makes sense, and guys like things that make sense.

3. Boys did grow up with football

Of course, my father was a football player. He used to play very well. Then, when I was eight or nine years old, ten years old, I just wanted to be like my father.


Like other children worldwide, many Indonesian boys have grown up watching sports their parents love. There was a time when you wanted to watch cartoons on tv, but your dad instead tuned in to badminton, boxing, or PON. Sometimes the father gives in, but most of us give up and watch what the father watches.

Slowly exercise begins to be ingrained in your mind. Many fathers who like watching football have finally influenced their children to enjoy this sport.

4. Football Looks Easy, Even Though It’s Not So Easy

Soccer is simple, but it isn’t easy to play.

Johann Cruyff

At first, football looked like a simple sport: two teams (11 vs. 11, 5 vs. 5, basically even) won a ball and netted it into the opponent’s goal. The team with the most goals wins. But over time, this sport continues to develop into a sport that is quite complicated but still fun to play and watch.

Technology continues to develop, players’ abilities are never the same, sometimes they fluctuate, and the coaches must work extra hard to keep the tactics running smoothly. It’s a game that looks easy but is hard to beat.

5. Football is Close to the Name ” Passion”

Sometimes in football, you have to score goals.

Thierry Henry

There is no more powerful feeling than scoring a goal and watching the ball you kick hit the net from several meters away. There is a great sense of pride when you succeed in practicing new tricks you have been practicing for a week to get past the opposing players. Apart from the passion you feel when you play it, the player also transmits the same passion to his fans.

6. The Club That Makes Us Fall in Love

You can change your wife, politics, and religion, but never, never can you change your favorite football team.

Eric Cantona

Apart from the debate over who is the greatest Pele or Maradona and who is richer, Messi or Ronaldo, football fans love this sport mainly because of their love for certain teams/clubs. David Beckham is cool, but that doesn’t necessarily make (true) Manchester United fans follow suit to support Real Madrid.

7. The way they play soccer makes them fall in love

Possession of the ball is only a tool to organize yourself and cause disorganization in your opponent.

Pep Guardiola

Each team can change coaches, which automatically affects the tactics and strategies of the team on the field, but the club’s perspective on the game keeps fans loyal to it.

FC Barcelona believes that the way to win is to attack while having the ball as long as possible. Since the era of Johan Cruyff, Pep Guardiola, to Luis Enrique, they have played the same philosophy with the distinctive approach of each of the names above.

8. Football cannot be separated from deep-rooted traditions

Philosophy does not only apply on the pitch. Still, it can also be seen in the determination of a club to maintain its identity amid the commercialization of football. Several European giants, such as Manchester United, maintain their tradition of using young players from academy training. A tradition maintained since 1937.

9. The ability of the players amazes

You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.

Lionel Messi

Ultimately, these people play the ball on the pitch, not the fans or club directors. Football fans almost certainly idolize all players who defend their favorite club, but in some cases, players need technique, ambition, achievement, and attitude to become a world soccer magnet.

Football is a sport played by millions (maybe even billions) of people worldwide. So you must respect people like Messi or Ronaldo who set aside those millions to be who they are and reach the highest level in football.

10. (Brain) The Trainers

Control is very, very important. I’m dead if I lose control over these multi-millionaires in the dressing room. So, if they step out of my control, they’re dead.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Coaches or managers, in British football terms, are geniuses in football. Of course, they (the top coaches) read the game and make tactical changes on the fly. Long before the match starts, the coach already knows ​​how his team will play and how the opposing team will play.

Outside of the technical matters of coaching and managing a club, a coach must have charisma and strong character to manage, command, and protect dozens of players whose salary is far greater than his own.

11. Drama, Drama, Drama

Football is not about justice. It’s a drama – and criminally wrong decisions against you are part and parcel of that.

Pete Davies

Football is a tough sport, the players will fight on the field, and you can see physical contact between them. The boys might proudly say the intensity of the soccer competition makes them willing to come to the stadium or stay up until morning to watch soccer. Drama is what you are looking for.

Like the Breaking Bad series, this guy enjoys drama wrapped in psychological warfare, muscle fighting, genius, and a bit of violence to produce an adrenaline rush. Where else do we get that in a package besides football?

12. The 12th Man

Your love makes me strong. Your hate makes me unstoppable.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Being the honorary number 12 is a coveted position for fans. Fans are the reason why this sport continues to be played from time to time. The fans debate before the game, flock to the stadium or gather to watch on TV screens, then suck all their attention into the game.

Even after the game, they always talk about who played well, who played badly, which team should have lost, or whether the referee changed the course of the match. Fans are the fuel that keeps these players running on the pitch.

13. Football does have magical powers

Soccer is a magical game.

David Beckham

In a way, football is like Quidditch, played without a broomstick. He has a magical power of his own. You can’t see it, but you can feel it. Maybe that was when you jumped for joy without realizing it when Manchester United scored 2 goals in three minutes after trailing 1-0 to Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champions League final.

The moment when the hairs on your neck stand up when you see Maradona comb from the middle of the field past 5 players (including the goalkeeper) before scoring a goal. Magical things like that make you continue to enjoy soccer.

No one can say that one sport is superior to another. Everyone has a personal taste and is allowed to have an opinion. But these 13 reasons make us boys fall in love with soccer.

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