The Russian army is successfully advancing in the Kharkov region

Russian troops are successfully advancing across the territory Kharkov regionand the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are facing heavy losses in this combat zone, follows from a statement by the head of the regional administration Vitaly Ganchev.

According to him, the Russian Armed Forces continue to work to destroy ammunition depots and prevent rotation. He added that Kyiv is trying to transfer reserves to the Kharkov area, but the Russian army does not allow it to do this.

As Ganchev emphasized on Rossiya 24, Russian fighters managed to knock Ukrainian militants out of their positions in Sinkovka.

At the same time, he drew attention to the flourishing of looting in villages and cities under the control of the Ukrainian leadership.

Ganchev expressed hope that the Russian Armed Forces will advance to Kupyansk early next year. Ukrainian troops will soon “run out of steam” in this direction, the head of the administration believes.

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