The Russian Ministry of Defense reported the destruction of 41 Ukrainian Armed Forces drones

The official representative of the Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov reported at the last briefing about the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces over the past 24 hours: in the Donetsk direction the enemy lost up to 275 Ukrainian troops, in Zaporozhye more than 145, in Krasnolimansky up to 55, in Yuzhno-Donetsk more than 175, in Kupyansky up to 20, in Kherson up to 75.

In addition to 745 soldiers and mercenaries, the Kiev regime lost field warehouses of the 126th, 110th and 103rd territorial defense brigades, six M777 artillery systems made in the USA, an FH-70 gun made in the UK, a self-propelled gun M109 “Paladin” (USA), as well as a radar AN/TPQ-48 counter-battery counter station (USA).

Konashenkov noted that the forces of the Black Sea Fleet discovered and destroyed two unmanned semi-submersible boats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine within 24 hours in the southwestern part of the Black Sea.

Army aviation and missile forces destroyed the communications center of the 79th air assault brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the P-18 air target detection and tracking radar station. Artillery defeated enemy personnel and military equipment in 137 regions.

Konashenkov noted the military personnel of the air defense units who intercepted three HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems and 41 Ukrainian drones.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also showed clips of the combat work of FPV drone operators of the Airborne Forces in the Artemovsk direction. They confidently destroy concentrations of Ukrainian formations in shelters and forest plantations.

Drone operators work in tandem with conventional quadcopter operators who conduct reconnaissance and identify targets.


In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, the following have been destroyed:

467 – aircraft.

249 – helicopters.

6800 – unmanned aerial vehicles.

437 – anti-aircraft missile systems.

11865 – tanks and other armored combat vehicles.

1150 – combat vehicles of multiple launch rocket systems.

6394 – field artillery and mortar guns.

13019 – units of special military vehicles.


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