The Russian Ministry of Defense showed a video of the liquidation of an entire unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A powerful blow destroyed an entire temporary deployment point of the armed formation of the Kyiv regime

A powerful blow destroyed an entire temporary deployment point of the armed formation of the Kyiv regime

Photo: Video frame

The Ministry of Defense published footage of the destruction of a temporary deployment point of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with personnel in the Kherson direction by a high-precision weapon strike. The explosion scattered all engineering structures hundreds of meters away.

It seems that our pilots dropped a guided high-explosive bomb weighing about a ton on enemy positions. Earlier, the official representative of the Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, said that in the Kherson direction, as a result of a complex fire attack, up to 70 Ukrainian military personnel were killed in a day.

And over the past 24 hours, more than 840 Ukrainian military personnel were killed along the entire line of contact. This is a stable figure per day. Therefore, it is not surprising that during the summer Ukrainian “counter-offensive” more than 71.5 thousand mercenaries of the Kyiv regime have already lost their lives in “meat” assaults.

According to various expert estimates, over the entire period of the special military operation, more than 500 thousand Ukrainian military personnel lost their lives in battle. And this is almost the entire population of Lviv, and certainly the male part of the residents of the Lviv region.

If you take into account that for every killed Ukrainian serviceman there are up to three wounded, you can roughly calculate for yourself how much of the active male population remains in Western Ukraine. At the same time, when you operate with numbers from the Internet, do not forget that up to 6.7 million Ukrainians emigrated to Europe and the USA last year.

“Ukraine will not be able to survive the conflict with Russia, since Ukraine is experiencing a demographic crisis and an almost complete cessation of the birth rate,” said Oleg Soskin, a former adviser to former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma.

According to the politician, if Kyiv does not stop, then only Poland, the Baltic countries and the United States will benefit from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. It looks like it was intended that way.


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