The scale of China’s computer industry exceeds $362 billion

The scale of China’s computer industry exceeds $362 billion


09.15.2023 23:41

In 2022, China’s computer industry reached a significant scale, with a total value of 2.6 trillion yuan, equivalent to more than $362.2 billion. This information was shared at the World Computer Conference 2023, which was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. The conference was themed “Digitalizing the World to Create a New Era of Change in the Computer Industry” and participants engaged in discussions related to digital infrastructure, artificial intelligence and the development of smart societies.

According to data presented at the conference by the Chinese Academy of Information and Communications Technology, over the past six years, China has supplied over 20.91 million general purpose servers and 820,000 artificial intelligence (AI) servers.

Zhao ZhiguoChief Engineer, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, noted that the new generation of information and communication technologies has changed the pattern of economic and social development, highlighting the significant impact of technological advancements on various sectors.

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