The star of the TV series “Molodezhka” Alexander Sokolovsky divorced his wife and married a blogger

Actor Alexander Sokolovsky announced his relationship with a blogger and fitness trainer Sonya Nex, sharing the news with subscribers on social networks. The stars hid their relationship, but finally decided to tell the whole world about it.

Alexander expressed his love for Sonya by placing a ring on her finger and declared her his wife. In his post on a banned social network he wrote:

“I love you very much. I look into your beautiful, brown eyes and understand how lucky I am to have you. My amazing, my incredible, my… wife.”

This news shocked subscribers, and many were shocked, not immediately realizing what had happened. Some commentators were surprised, asking if Sonya was the actor’s second wife. However, many express joy for the couple and congratulate them.

The couple have been together for just over a year, and, according to Sonya, Alexander took the first step on social networks. Despite the initial difficulties associated with the distance (Sonya said that they were initially separated by an ocean), they found each other and decided to start a family.

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Author Maria Petrova

Maria Petrova – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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