The State Duma proposed abolishing personal income tax for incomes below 30 thousand rubles | September 27, 2023

A group of deputies from the LDPR faction put forward an initiative to abolish the personal income tax (NDFL) for citizens earning less than 30 thousand rubles per month. TASS reports this.

The authors of the bill propose to make changes to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. They explained that they propose to abolish personal income tax starting from 30 thousand rubles, since this amount is almost twice the minimum wage. In addition, assigning a zero tax rate to low-income individuals will allow them to save money and improve their quality of life.

However, the deputies emphasized that in order to implement the bill, it is necessary to determine the amount of money that could compensate for the abolition of the tax. The government added that at the moment the project is unfinished, since if the law is implemented, not only the poor will be able to benefit from it.

Let us remind you that today in Russia the personal income tax rate is 15% for citizens whose income exceeds 5 million per year, and 13% for others.

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